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The Uncommon Gourmet's All-Occasion Cookbook


This innovative, simple approach to fine cooking is as exciting as it is user-friendly.

Ambrosia on Huntington
Boston, Massachusetts

Sure to excite your taste buds . . . this book is a treasure! This cookbook is sure to be one of those that ends up spattered with stains from being used so often. Full of innovative and delicious sounding recipes that don't have too  many ingredients or ridiculously difficult instructions. Rarely have I found a book that contains so many recipes that I want to try . . . not the standard 2 or three that you usually like, I'd happily try all 400 recipes in this cookbook.

Sadly the companion cookbook to this is out of stock at the moment or I'd be purchasing that one too!

R. Lu
Toronto, Canada

I continue to be impressed with Ellen Helman's cookbooks. This sequel to "The Uncommon Gourmet" takes her creative and simple cooking and expands it to include menus for entertaining and stay-at-home evenings. The recipes have never disappointed. I collect many cookbooks, but end up using just a few. This one is a gem.

A reader from Massachusetts

Foods and flavors of the 90s that are unrivaled. Sophisticated recipes streamlined for preparation with ease. The most helpful part of the book, and perhaps the most creative, are the suggested menus that are presented with each recipe for fantastic combinations. ORDER IT NOW!

A reader

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