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The Uncommon Gourmet's All-Occasion Cookbook

Ellen Helman


Book cover of The Uncommon Gourmet's All-Occasion Cookbook

Ellen Helman shares her passion for food in The Uncommon Gourmet's All-Occasion Cookbook. This wonderful cookbook of 400+ recipes focuses on the foods and flavors of the 90s. It presents a kaleidoscope of exciting ingredients that will turn ordinary meals into culinary events with relative ease and practicality.

The fusing of ethnic cuisines is the hottest trend in cooking, offering a wealth of intriguing and seductive flavors from around the globe. To capitalize on this new culinary wave, the author included a plethora of grilled foods, beans and grains, and regional American favorites. There is a variety of ethnic foods (especially Asian, Latin American, and Mediterranean), a blending of cultural seasonings, and foods with bold and assertive flavors that are zesty and spicy, but not searingly hot. Also featured are tropical relishes and salsas, various chutneys, and such American icons as barbecued ribs and mashed potatoes.

These recipes have been streamlined to accommodate all lifestyles and use ingredients that are readily available. As an added convenience to the cook and reader Ms. Helman has provided menu suggestions throughout the book to assist in meal planning.

Ellen Helman is a cookbook author, artist, cooking teacher, food columnist, and caterer. This book is a companion to her first highly successful cookbook, The Uncommon Gourmet which is now in its fourth printing.

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Over 400 recipes
512 pages, paperback
ISBN 1-883280-16-8
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